Crayfish 30 - Photo & Film - 20kg

Crayfish 30

£995 + UK vat
(no vat to pay outside UK or EU


Built to last ( 2 year warranty)

This is our latest turntable for 2018.  It is designed for photographers and filmmakers who do not require the load capacity of the Crayfish 60.  The Crayfish 30 is designed for products 20kg in weight and under. The turntable has a super smooth belt drive system which is perfect for slow HD macro shots when filming.  There is no other turntable in the world built to these standards. Each turntable is lovingly built and rigorously tested in our London Workshop. These turntables are built to last decades.  Every component is rock solid and machined from high grade aluminium. Please contact us for more information and example shots taken with this turntable.

The crayfish 30 is the exact same size as the Crayfish 60. The only difference is the weight limit - reduced from 130kg to 20kg.  Even though we have reduced the weight limit, we did not reduce the quality of any of the components. The main difference is a smaller smoother motor.  Contact us for more information

What's included:

  • Crayfish 30 turntable
  • White and Black Acrylic disc top plate (50cm)
  • Plug and power supply for your country (world wide)
  • Remotes for Canon and Nikon (please specify your camera)
  • Control Box (change speed, number of frames, pausing, acceleration, plus many more)
  • 5m cable to connect control box to the turntable.

Compatible Crayfish Products:

  • Clear disc and leg risers (not included)
  • Hanging kit set (not included)

These turntables are compatible with any computer and any camera.

Please email us for more information on software and 360 viewers.